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  Vases are our passion

Vases Are Our Passion!

We at Vases Modern pride ourselves at providing unique and elegant art glass vases. We also carry many different vases made from different materials such as ceramic and wood. Our mission is to ship our unique elegant vases internationally so the entire world can experience their beauty. We would also like to build our small business into a corporation. Among our goals, we would like to build charities for different needs worldwide. These can include mental illnesses to the homeless.  My passion with vases began when my sister gave my mother a unique art glass vase with lavender stripes. My mother adored the vase. I saw how happy it made her and her home. I loved the design and so did everyone who visited. This is why I decided to make this website so everyone can have this great experience!

For the time being, we’re happy to offer free shipping to our customers nationwide. 

We have a variety of vases, including:

  • Azure Blue  Art Glass Vase
  • Wild Orchid Art Glass Vase
  • Sun fire Glass Vase
  • Galaxy Art Glass Vase
  • Crimson Sunset Art Glass Vase
  • Emerald Art Glass Vase
  • Floral Fantasia Art Glass Vase
  • Royal Blue Art Glass Vase

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